28The internet is being considered a home for most people who’re engaging themselves in illegal practices. Basically, if you’ve discovered a site that is engaging itself in some kind of illegal activities, it is normally recommended that you report it to the relevant authority so that the necessary actions can be taken against it. This write up will focus on discussing how people usually do illegal things on the internet.

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How People Do Illegal Stuff Online

Most people around the globe who own a computer and access to internet connection find themselves in some cases doing illegal things. Such things include:

*Unlocking Phones:-

Once your phone has been locked or incase you’ve forgotten your phone’s password it is always ideal that you take it back to the sellers so that the problem can be rectified. It is normally illegal for a person to unlock his or her phone so that he/she can use it across various carriers. Note that jail- breaking i.e. the process that involves removing limitations on IOS to allow for certain customization and downloads is still legal.

When the contract between you and your specific carriers expires, it is illegal to unlock your mobile phone by yourself using third- party techniques. Since it is usually illegal for you to unlock your phone in case it’s locked, once you happen to find yourself in such a problem, it is recommended that you let Verizon or AT&T do it for you lawfully.

*Ad Blockers:-

Although they may annoy you, those pesky banners, in- stream and pop- up ads which crawl the web are actually paying for the contents you may be viewing for free. Basically, by bypassing these advertisements, it is just the same way as avoiding paying the fare to view the content. Note that in some instances, ad- blocking is often illegal.

For certain websites, there is potential millions of dollars in losses every year, due to the visitors not actually seeing the messages posted by different advertisers.

*Downloading and Using Files Without Permission:-

An obvious one, it is actually unlawful to just pull any old PDF, PNG, JPG or any kind of file you would find from Google search. It is fine to view them in the internet as is, but when you download the images of the pictures you Google, you’ve got the power of distributing to your liking and that is where it becomes illegal.

Last but not the least; it’s ideal that despite the above mentioned ways of doing illegal stuffs online, we look for more others so that we can know when we’re operating the internet legally or illegally. Thank you.

27Today, technology is literally an inseparable part of human life. Without it, most of our activities would appear impossible or prove difficult to undertake. Technology has been integrated into various fields with relatively huge success .One such is sports, with gadgets such as cameras, video systems and computers widely used both on and off the field. Here is a look at the various technological innovations in sports.

  1. Goal line technology

Adopted after a series of tests, goal line technology is one of the relatively new innovations and is mainly applied in various soccer/football matches such as Premier League matches in England . It helps match officials determine if the ball has crossed the goal line and therefore decide whether or not to award a goal.

  1. Swimming technologies

There are wearable swimming devices that allow swimmers to practice and train just like they would train under the guidance of a coach. They automatically measure time, distance covered, position and overall rating of an individual swimmer. With this, you can easily turn from an amateur swimmer into a pro in a much shorter time as you won’t have to work with a coach.

  1. Stump camera

Considered one of the best innovations in the world of cricket, the stump camera gives high levels of accuracy. It allows you to watch the action on the field from 4 different angles and can come in handy in instances where the umpire has to make a decision about a controversial appeal. It also enables you to watch replays of parts or the whole action whenever you like.

  1. Line-review system

Line-review system is today a standard at major tennis tournaments and involves the use multiple cameras placed at several angles that track ball flight. Under the system, players receive two challenges in each set to review contentious line calls. A player will retain the same number of challenges if they are correct with a challenge.

  1. Above the net cam

Although not a very complex device, this camera is very useful in hockey matches and is mainly used to determine what goal passed the line, whether it beat the clock and so on. This in turn allows officials to make correct decisions/judgments.

  1. Photo finishes

This technological innovation can be applied in a range of sports including horseracing, swimming and running. With 3,000 frames a second, they help in decision making especially where athletes are tied up in the same second or display the same time. Photo finishes can be used along with electronic timers.

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